Saturday, January 3, 2015

Same Morning, Better Afternoon

Mira is having a better day than yesterday, overall. She woke up this morning in a pretty foul mood - crying and wailing. Just like a repeat of yesterday, she wasn't happy for long through breakfast and wanted to be back in her bed. She had a series of myoclonic seizures hen she first woke up too, which frustrated her when she tried playing with her toy a little. She ended up back in bed and was irritable for awhile and then took a really long nap. I think all of yesterday and this morning really exhausted her.

She woke up briefly for lunch, had a few bottles, then took another lengthy nap afterward. This afternoon she continues to have a bunch of myoclonics, in her bed and in her chair. She has periodic bouts of crying and fussing, but nothing to the degree of yesterday. With the exception of this morning, this is turning out to be pretty typical day for Mira.

On a positive note, we received one of her backup toys late yesterday, from an Ebay seller that re-listed one for us that hadn't sold previously. It works and is in mint condition too. Thanks to Katie + Jim Thompson for the link!

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