Monday, January 5, 2015

Rough Day

Mira had a pretty rough day today - loads of irritability and inconsolable crying. Nothing would suffice and keep her happy for any length of time, especially this afternoon when she had a marathon of fussing. Hardly any seizure activity, which is great, but obviously something else was bothering her immensely.

Part of the problem may be that Mira is very much out of her routine. Tomorrow she goes back to school - having been at home for the past few weeks is maybe getting to her. Boredom? Getting stir crazy? Not enough activities during the day? Not sure, but tomorrow she will be getting back to her usual schedule. One thing is for sure, she will be getting seriously bundled up in the morning, since the forecast is calling for a low of 3 degrees and a high of 9 only degrees on Wednesday.

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