Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sleep and Sedation

Mira has been very sleepy today. She had to be woken up this morning and wasn't too happy about it. She was fine for about 20-30 minutes in her chair, but became irritable after that. Her fussiness continued most of the morning at school, but had she rebounded and had a better afternoon. It reached 70 degrees here in Kansas City and Mira was able to get outside during and into the swing at school. Always a sure fire way to get a few smiles out of her.

This afternoon, Mira looked really exhausted. She took a long nap after she was off the bus and again, had to be woken up for dinner. She slept for almost 2 hours after school. She wasn't as upset as this morning, but started having a ton of myoclonics after being in her chair for only 10 minutes. She was in a fairly pleasant mood during her bath, but continued to have countless seizures while awake for the next hour or so. Once she was back in her bed, she crashed again and was fast asleep within minutes.

I think it's fair to say that the Lyrica increase has kicked in, causing some heavy sedation with her today. She has been on a much higher dosage than she is currently at, so it is the increase that she is getting accustomed to. The delicate balance with irritability, sedation, and seizures is a struggle. We have noticed that she has been drooling significantly more over the past week or so, again most likely a result of the Lyrica.

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