Thursday, January 8, 2015

Strange Morning, Great Evening

Mira woke up this morning and was pretty quiet. She started having constant myoclonic seizures before she was even out of bed. She was having a seizure about every 10-15 seconds for a solid 45 minutes this morning. She wasn't crying and tried to keep going back to baseline right after each episode, but I have not seen so many in such a short period of time. The myoclonics slowly faded out about 10 minutes before she got on the bus. She did great at school and didn't have any additional seizures the rest of the afternoon. She refused to drink anything this morning and also refused anything to drink at school. She only drank a single bottle all day, until dinner time.

Before, during, and after dinner, Mira was in a great mood. She played consistently with her toy for almost a solid hour, without so much as a twitch. She was even laughing and giggling at one point. She drank a couple of bottles and went right back to playing. We then raced around the house in her chair for another half-hour or so, in which she became very vocal and animated, kicking her feet and appearing very engaged with everything.

You never know what every day is going to bring. Mira had seemingly polar opposite neurological symptoms today - constant seizures in the morning to looking completely engaged without single spasm this evening. A strange day indeed.

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