Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cold, Cold, Cold

Thanks to the arctic blast that has been suffocating the area for the past few days, we have not ventured out much, unless it is essential. Surprisingly, they didn't cancel school today, even when the temperature hovered around 3 degrees most of the day, with a windchill of -20 or so. Mira was bundled up with multiple layers this morning before getting on the bus. We have been keeping her warm at night with these awesomely fashionable socks. Sarah has great fashion sense and Mira is always getting compliments on her sparkly shoes and colorful socks.

Mira has been fussy off and on and school for the past two days - I think it may take her a while to get back into a groove with school. She was very irritable this morning, having a lot of myoclonics and refused to drink anything. She is back into her consistent flow of 20-30 myoclonics at a time, then we don't see any for a few hours. She did the same thing for dinner, but finally decided she wanted to eat right before bed.

I am already tired of winter. We will just be waiting for the temps to rise above at least 20 by the end of the week. In the meantime, Mira will be getting a lot of usage out of her fuzzy sock collection.

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