Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Neurology + Endocrinology

Mondays are always crazy in the neurology clinic. Every parent and caregiver that has had issues over the weekend (us included) start bombarding the nurse voicemail inbox, in a hope to get some input or refills on medications. That is exactly where we ended up. The clinic is great about returning calls and keeping up with everyone - their patient load has got to be overwhelming, based on the number of children each neurologist corresponds or sees in clinic on a given day.

We decided to move Mira up on the Lyrica, of course try and help combat some of the irritability. The increase started this morning and while her temperament was mildly improved, her seizures were in full force today. She had two long tonic-clonics early. Ironically, she had an endocrinology appointment this morning she had these back to back seizures as we were getting ready to go. She continued to have a ton of myoclonics the rest of the day.

Nothing new at her endocrinology appointment. We discussed how long we should continue to do her Lupron shots, which she has been doing for the past 2 years. We will reassess where she is at in another year before we decide to stop.

Tonight, Mira was pretty quiet before dinner - lots of seizures with her toy, but not crying. The best we can hope for right now.

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