Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Better Sunday

Mira had a much better day today. She was mildly irritable this morning, but she got over it fairly quickly and had a solid stretch with her toy after breakfast. She had some very strong myoclonic seizures that I swore were going to unfold into a full-blown tonic-clonic seizure on numerous occasions throughout the day, but they never did. She managed to have around a dozen of these strong myoclonics, but she came back to baseline within 20-30 seconds, most of the time. The seizures all surfaced as sort of longer, drawn out pre-tonic-clonic seizures that lasted about 10-15 seconds. It's hard to describe them.

We were able to get outside and get in the swing for a while. Mira really enjoyed feeling the sun on her face and was worn out after 20 minutes or so in the swing. She was going at a fairly slow pace too, but was laughing hard for the first 30 seconds. She took a long nap afterwards and woke up in a pleasant mood this afternoon.

This evening, she had another good block of time with her toy in her chair, only having a few myoclonics - similar to what she was having in the morning. She ate very well and quietly fell asleep a few minutes ago.

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