Thursday, January 22, 2015


Mira had a big tonic-clonic seizure this morning about 6:00am. It was a terrible start of the day for her - no one wants to wake up to that. I was up for a few minutes when I heard her make an all too familiar sound - a sort of loud grunt, which I knew was the beginning of a heavy seizure. It lasted for about 30-45 seconds and she was completely out of it for the next 30 minutes. She managed to rebound somewhat over the next 90 minutes before the bus arrived, but she was still pretty quiet and reserved.

She ended up having a decent day at school - not quite as active and engaged as she was yesterday, but still happy and engaged. When she got home, she another involved tonic-clonic seizure, just as bad as the one this morning. She again was very lethargic afterward and took a decent nap. As I have posted before, Mira ends up having anywhere from 5-10 of these a week, sometimes multiple tonic-clonics in one day, as she did today. Unfortunately, it isn't unusual for her. I remember years ago when she had 7 or 8 in one day. I hate epilepsy more than anything and watching her body and mind being tormented is awful. It is the longest minute of your life watching it happen to your child.

She was understandably quiet during dinner and not so enthusiastic about her toy. She still played a little, but was obviously drained by the seizures today. She went to bed a little earlier than usual.

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