Monday, May 25, 2015

A Happy Memorial Day

Mira is having a much better day than yesterday, which is great. The rain finally stopped (for now) and we were able to not only get out for lunch, but actually enjoyed it this time - well, most of it anyway. Mira did great at the restaurant for about 80% of the meal. As we were starting up desert, she started getting restless and irritable, so again, I took her outside and we stayed there until everyone else was finished. I had some desert in the parking lot. I wasn't about to try and do the merry-go-round again with her and we were far enough along through the meal, that it just made sense to stay out.

The brief fussy spell aside, Mira has been in a pleasant mood all day. We ran an errand just a bit ago and she was very vocal and full of energy. The eye-rubbing continues with a vengeance - in the car, in the restaurant, and everywhere else. At least she is stopping periodically, which gives her eyes a rest, albeit briefly. I've noticed she does it more when she is idle, so perhaps the trick is to keep moving all the time. Not very realistic, I know.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday!

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