Sunday, May 24, 2015

Irritable Outing

Mira has been having a rough weekend. Yesterday, we went out to try and have a family luncheon and Mira did not approve. It's always hit or miss and yesterday was was a definite miss. We lasted about 10 minutes into lunch before Mira started getting fussy, then proceeded to drink two back to back bottles, which helped for about 2 minutes. Even topping her off with a bottle and a half before we left the house didn't seem to have an impact on her appetite. After drinking all of that, she started squirming in her chair, trying to slither down as much as she could. I'm guessing she was either uncomfortable or didn't like the classic rock station they had on in the restaurant. All the shifting around caused her diaper to leak, which made her wet and uncomfortable. I got up three different times in about 20 minutes to take her outside to walk around, because she would not stop crying.

As Mira continues to grow, so do her vocal chords. She can get really loud and I feel like her cries echo across the entire restaurant sometimes. Depending on her level of discontent, it's best just to take her out of her element and try and get a change of scenery, which was futile this time. Waiting it out almost never works, as it would be extremely rare that her demeanor will improve. So, Sarah and the boys boxed everything up, while Mira and I waited outside, where she continually rubbed her eyes every second I wasn't holding her arms down.

We have another luncheon tomorrow with family - hopefully it will be a better outing.

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