Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Begins with..........Seizures

Today was the last day of school for everyone, finishing out the year with a half day. The summer is always challenging for us - trying to find things to do for three kids, at very different ages, with very different interests. Mira is off for a few weeks, and then goes back for ESY (Extended School Year) which was cut yet again this year, limiting Mira's time to three days a week, for around three hours a day. Thanks Brownback, for your systematic, relentless degradation of Kansas' public school system, in favor of tax cuts for the extremely wealthy. You are a horrible excuse for an elected official.

Mira started off the day with a very intense, involved seizure, which set the pace for the rest of the day. She was completely lethargic at school and most of the afternoon, taking some extended naps in the car, in her chair, and in her bed. Hopefully this isn't setting a precedent for the rest of the summer.

We tested Mira's levels again this morning and they were again, very normal. Blood glucose was 82 and ketones were 0.2. We are going to give endocrinology an update after the weekend.

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