Monday, May 11, 2015

Siren Noises

For a Monday, today was unexpected. I was a little skeptical when Mira woke up crying, then started off the morning with a ton of myoclonics in her chair, then became fussy enough to have to head back to bed after only 20 minutes. By the time the bus arrived, she turned around a bit.

At school, turns out she has a pretty decent day - she was vocalizing a lot and making good eye contact with items presented to her. She was up an down a little this afternoon, but nothing major. The fun started after dinner, when we went out to the park and walked around a bit. Her swing is currently out of commission, as the parks department is building a concrete path up to the swing, making it easier to transfer kids directly without having to try and run a wheelchair through the mulch. We are very excited and appreciative what the city has done to accommodate kids with special needs. Every city should take note.

Anyway, we decided to walk around the block, which Mira was very excited about. By the time we got home, she was consistently vocalizing, even for another 15 minutes after we had stopped. She pretty much sounded like a siren.

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