Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Exhausting Seizures

Mira woke up this morning and was in such a great mood - happy, smiling, and full of energy while I was getting her changed and dressed. Then it all was wiped away by a huge tonic-clonic seizure after only two minutes in her chair. She was very lethargic the rest of the morning.

She continued to sleep through lunch and into the afternoon, then woke up and had a bottle, then had another big tonic-clonic. This one, just like the first, drained her completely. She was out the rest of the afternoon, but ended up stirring around in bed before dinner, so we got her up to have something to eat. She finished off a couple of bottles and we decided to run a few errands after work. I think she enjoyed the breeze in the van, but was very droopy and drooling a ton. She just looked exhausted.

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