Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Fussy Day

Mira had repeat performance of yesterday - irritable and tired most of the day, with a lot of strong myoclonic seizures in between. We went for a walk this morning and Mira was almost immediately unhappy. We stopped after a block and she finished off two bottles, which kept her content for about 30 minutes. She started having these 'lightening' jolts every once and a while - very sudden, brief jerks with her whole body - much shorter than a myoclonic, but equally as startling. She had maybe 20 or so within a 15 minute period and disappeared the rest of the day.

After a nap this afternoon, she again woke up crabby, so I tried running an errand to the mall with her to distract her. The car ride seemed to make her happy, but being in the actual mall was another story. Perhaps it was the loud music in the store we went into or the crowds, but whatever the case, we made our errand quick and headed back home. She continued to be fussy until dinner and went to bed a little early.

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