Monday, May 4, 2015

Quiet + Peaceful

Mira has been pretty quiet over the past two days. Yesterday, we took a nice trip down to the City Market to have some Vietnamese for lunch and Mira was uncharacteristically quiet through the entire meal. She even napped through part of it. It was either a great time of the day to go or Mira was just really tired out. Either way, any time we can get out as a family and have a meal in public, without having to eat 100 miles per hour or exit the restaurant prematurely, it's a gift. I'll take it.

We finally finished our deck in the back yard, only 6 years after finishing the addition. Better late than never, I suppose. We had some exceptionally nice weather yesterday and were able to spend some time on it - Mira really enjoyed the warm breeze and being in the back yard, without having to take the long route around the side. Afterward, we went out to the park and walked around for a bit.

Mira was up late this evening, going to bed about 90 minutes past her usual bedtime. She really was interested in playing with her toy, while periodically downing 3 bottles the last 45 minutes she was up. She only had some myoclonics this morning and virtually no seizure activity at all this evening.

All in all, a nice couple of days and evenings for Mira.

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