Sunday, May 17, 2015

Saturday Night at the K

We enjoyed most of the Royals game last night, before the severe weather started rolling in around the 6th inning. They managed to finish the game before it all became serious, but we cut out early in time to not get caught in the torrential downpour that ensued shortly thereafter. We were about 3 miles from the house when it really started dumping. Tornado weather in Kansas always keeps things entertaining.

I have worked at the same firm, off and on for the last 16 years and every year, our office puts on a nice tailgate for all employees, family, and friends, which depending on the size of the firm at the time, can get upwards of 300-400 people. Over the years, we have brought Mira to the tailgate, which never seems to end well. Our worst year, 2 years ago, Mira lasted about an inning and a half before she was wailing at the top of her lungs and we had to leave. Mira isn't a big fan of the noise, nor being up past her usual bedtime. We have decided not to take her for the last two years and hired a sitter, which I think everyone was much happier about, including Mira. Our sitter called and said that she had a big seizure about 5:30pm, right before dinner, so it was probably good that she was at home. Yet overall, she had a pretty decent day - no events until the seizure.

Despite the fact that the Royals lost 5-1, we can hang our hat on the fact that they pummeled the Yankees 12-1 the night before and are still tied for first place in our division. Go Royals!

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