Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Rain Returns

Mira had an up and down day today. I was feeling very optimistic this morning, that our streak of two consecutive positive days would continue through the week, but we end the streak at two. Mira actually woke up in a pleasant mood, after staying up late last night. Her demeanor slowly turned south as the morning wore on - refusing to drink anything, refusing the toy, and not at all happy about getting back in her chair to get on the bus.

The report back from school was that she continued to be up and down. Didn't care to get into the Kidwalk and by the end of the day, was most certainly done and ready to go home. She settled down this evening after dinner, finishing a fair amount drink and smiling as we ran laps in her chair around the house.

It's suppose to rain for the next 4 days solid, so getting outside might be a challenge. We considered packing up to go to the park, but the dark clouds and periodic sprinkles kept us inside.

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