Sunday, May 10, 2015

Irritable Day + Eye Rubbing

Mira was irritable for most of the day. Between naps and her toy, not much else would keep her happy for more than a few minutes. She had a lot of myoclonics this morning - similar to yesterday, many of them were on the verge of something more involved. This afternoon was especially difficult for Mira - lots of head drops and very fussy.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get outside much because of the rain and when we did get out onto the deck for a few moments, Mira would not stop rubbing her eyes. It was very overcast all day long, so it wasn't the sun that was bothering her, but perhaps the contrast of being outside. As soon as we got 2 strides out onto the deck, Mira immediately started furiously rubbing both of her eyes and would not stop - we even tried holding each hand down briefly to break the cycle. We tried putting an umbrella on the back of her chair to create less contrast with the sky, but nothing stopped her. After a couple minutes, the sides of her eyes were red and raw from her rubbing them with the outside face of her wrists. As soon as we stepped back inside, she immediately stopped. Definitely not allergies, as she would abruptly quit when we were back in the house. We tried on several occasions, but each time, the eye-rubbing prevailed. Very strange behavior for Mira and so consistent.

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