Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Whole New Level of Cranky

We aren't exactly sure what was going on with Mira all day today, but she was extremely irritable. This morning she was fine for a brief moment in her chair, but her mood turned sour for the rest of the morning. An hour later, it progressed into a full-on wailing at the top of her lungs, with intermediate whimpering and sobbing, for the entire morning. She finally quieted down right before lunch time, then took a nap for over four hours. Yes, a four hour nap. She finally woke up before dinner, had a repeat performance of wailing and crying for another hour or so, then when back to bed. She has been drinking plenty of fluids all day, doesn't have a fever, and no other visible symptoms, but obviously, something was seriously bothering her. She isn't constipated and her hands and feet were fine. No big seizure activity at all - some isolated 'lighting' jerks on occasion, but nothing else. She wanted nothing but to be back in her bed - no racing around the house or even walking around.

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