Friday, December 18, 2015

Rough Week Ending

Mira has been really off the last few days, riding the roller coaster up and down, irritability wise. She has been having really big seizures at school too - one Wednesday and one on Thursday, both in the afternoon, both around the same time. Despite not having the toy, she is still having seizures, which isn't a surprise, I suppose. We haven't seen any involved tonic-clonics at home for nearly a week, but obviously, her toy is not the primary issue. She still finds a way to have seizures. The last three days, she has come home from school either sleepy or irritable, sometimes both. Today was her last day at school until after the new year, but it wasn't a good day - she was fussy off and on for the entire morning and by the time she got home, she was a wreck. She must have been having stomach woes because she is having a ton of BMs lately too. Just a whole lot of poop - not sure where all of this activity is coming from (or whether it's the most riveting topic of discussion for her blog), but it's just reality. I hope this isn't a preview of what to expect for the next 17 days at home, as we are all destined to lose our sanity. There are some days I wish we lived somewhere warm, where we could at least occasionally shatter the inevitable cabin fever we will all soon experience, by getting outside and take Mira for a walk or something, just to get outside in the fresh air. Kansas City weather doesn't always cater to our needs - 25 degrees one day, 60 and raining the next day. Time to move to southern California for awhile.

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