Saturday, December 19, 2015

Just Keep Walking

Mira has been irritable again today and the only remedy for her crankiness is going for walks. She was in a decent mood this morning for a few hours, but right after lunch, she ramped up the irritability. We went for our first long walk, down to the post office and the grocery store, then came home and she took a nap. After she woke up, she was cranky again and wanted nothing to eat, so we went out on another excursion, just around the neighborhood. We seem to do a fair amount of walking on the weekends, to try and break up her boredom or whatever is ailing her. It's always fun to track steps on my phone - after finally checking it late today, it seems today was an active day. Counting some errands this morning, I ended up at around 20,000 steps. Fortunately, the weather was tolerable and we were able to get outside and actually go for a few walks. It was a little chilly at 50 degrees, but we bundled Mira up and she was very enthusiastic about being outside in the sunshine. I'm crossing my fingers for similar weather tomorrow.

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