Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mostly Happy, with a Chance of Seizures

Something strange has been happening with Mira for the past several days - she has been happy, nearly the entire time, since I last posted. Up until this morning, she hasn't had a big seizure (which I will get into later), but what has been most noticeable, is her quiet and subdued demeanor. She hasn't necessarily been overly energetic or excited, just content and going with the flow. Most days, Mira has objected to something every day (often multiple times or all-day long), whether she is hungry, tired, or whatever the issue may be - she would certainly vocalize her opinion. The past few days however, she hasn't really fussed once, about anything. It has been a little surreal. We have been running around shopping, eating out, and even headed down to Union Station to see the trains, and Mira didn't complain a single time. Even with all of the noise, transfers in and out of her chair, and having her sleep schedule thrown off some, she has been very chilled about it all. She has been a real trooper these days. She did wake up this morning and had some strange repetitive movements - they didn't look like seizures, but they eventually led into a big tonic-clonic. We couldn't exactly tell what they were, as she kept groaning and sort of almost laughing at times, but she kept doing it every 4 or 5 seconds. The cycle of moaning and flexing/tensing her muscles repetitively, went on for about 45 minutes, then ultimately went into a big seizure. We have seen similar episodes (particularly this year we have seen an increase) but this episode seemed different than the others. She ended up having another big seizure right after lunch. Other than the 2 tonic-clonics, she is still having these random, quick lightning jerks throughout the day. They last just a second, almost like startle reflexes - she is having maybe 10-20 a day that I can see.

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