Sunday, December 6, 2015

Interesting Day

Today was day 2 of starting the fluoxetine and day 2 for keeping Mira's toy on the shelf, thus it was an interesting, mixed day. Mira woke up having some subtle myoclonics, but they didn't last very long - only while I was getting her changed and dressed. She was in a fine mood for about 30 minutes in her chair for breakfast, but then became pretty fussy. I think there is this pattern that she has been accustomed to for so long, thus an expectation that she is going to have her toy in front of her. Disappointment sets in once she realizes it isn't coming. So, I put her back in her bed for about an hour, then a cycle of fussing, drinking bottles, racing in her chair, and going for walks in the neighborhood began, for the next 6 hours. Finally, about 4:00pm, she completely clammed up. She was in her chair, as calm as can be, just looming around the room. It was really strange. She was scanning the room, rubbing her hands together, not making a peep. She sat while we cooked and ate dinner, still not making a sound - wide awake and alert, just not objecting to just chilling out in her chair, hanging out with us. After dinner, I gave her a bath, which usually sends her into a tailspin of irritability, but she continued to be quiet as can be, still not opposing to anything she was subjected to, even the hair washing, which she typically gets really upset about. It was certainly an odd day, like a light was flipped on with her late in the afternoon. She went from needing to be constantly entertained, to being extremely chilled, just going with the flow. Other than the brief myoclonics this morning, she didn't have any other seizures the rest of the day, which makes 2 consecutive days without a tonic-clonic, which is fantastic! If she can't get used to not having the toy and if we can try to keep her busy with other distractions, while perhaps crossing our fingers with the fluoxetine, I hope we might see a significant reduction in seizures.

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