Saturday, December 26, 2015

Uneventful, Yet Very Positive and Active Day

Mira did another 180 degree turn again today, staying happy as can be all day long. Not 24 hours prior, she was wailing at the top of her lungs and today, she was all smiles. She has been all over the map for the past week, so we never know what to expect when she gets up in the morning. She was full of energy from the second she woke up, flapping her arms, vocalizing, and kicking her feet. She took a few catnaps throughout the day and each time, woke up scanning the room and kicking her feet. Mira even withstood some errands in the afternoon and getting rained on, as we had to sprint back to the car on our last trip. In her chair, she kept doing this cycle of leaning forward, putting her legs up on the front of her seat, then slowly slouches down under her lap belt, which usually gets her wedged down so that the belt ends up around her stomach. We typically leave her chest harness off about 98% of the time, only using it when she is on the bus or in a really crowded place where we are concerned about her lunging forward and hitting something. Even when she has the harness on and the lap belt is nice and snug, she can still manage to slouch her way down toward the end of her seat. It's much easier to keep the belt loose, so that we don't have to unlatch it, pull her back up, then redo it every time. Either way, she still has to be re-positioned back in the chair - she only does this when she is really active, like today. Her volatile demeanor these days is definitely keeping Sarah and I on our toes. We shall see what tomorrow brings!

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