Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Seizures and Bad Timing

It became apparent what had been bothering Mira for the past few days and it was definitely something neurological. She continued her pattern of becoming irritable soon after being out of bed, but today, she erupted into a big tonic-clonic right after breakfast. She followed it up with another one about 2 hours later. We let her recover after the first one, so we figured we would try and get her out of the house to run a few errands, but as I was transferring her from her chair into the van, she went into an involved seizure and for the first few seconds, I didn't realize she was actually having one. She started curling into a fetal position the second I lifted her out of her chair. Having a 70+ pound child in your arms who suddenly goes rigid and shifts their weight all to one side, completely throws off your equilibrium. It was just bad timing, as she lunged forward into the seizure, the instant I was lifting her to put her into her seat in the van. It caught me off guard - not so much so I thought I was going to drop her, but enough to have me work hard to bring her back to baseline and get her situated in the van, just temporarily so she was stable and sitting somewhere. For a second I considered just turning around with her and putting her back in her chair, but my first reaction was to pick the path of least resistance. This second seizure lasted about 45 seconds. Needless to say, Sarah and I divided our errands and conquered them individually, while one of us stayed home with Mira.

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