Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

If you would have asked me yesterday how I thought our Christmas was going to unfold, I would have most likely pasted together some optimistic adjectives, based on Mira's spectacular day. She was happy and content, focusing on people at times that came in the room, and even braving an after-dinner van ride to go and see Christmas lights on the Plaza. She was alert and happy the entire day, not fussing once. Today however, she was singing a completely different tune. Much like earlier in the week, she was wailing, irritable, crying, and just not wanting to do anything. She spent most of the day in her bed, since she hated being in her chair, every single time we tried to put her in it. We tried to keep her involved in the festivities, which mainly involved cooking, but she wanted no part of it. She didn't sleep much, but did have a serious appetite throughout the day. No seizures or any seizure activity all day, but plenty of crying.

The boys were up at 6:00am and were ripping open presents within 30 minutes. Having to sit an entire half-hour always seems like an eternity to have to wait when you are a kid. I need to have at least one cup of coffee in my system before I can properly function, and the boys were eager to help me moving in the right direction. Mira was not interested in being a part of the gift opening, voicing her disapproval very loudly right off the bat, so she ended up back in her bed. We tried throughout the morning to rouse her interest in something, whether it be racing around the house, listening to music, or having a bottle. It was far too cold to go for a walk, so unfortunately, Mira's choices were limited. Despite Mira's fussing, we managed to have a nice Christmas. Sarah replicated much of her spectacular Thanksgiving meal, while substituting a small chicken for a turkey. Turkey is overrated anyway, so we mixed it up. Once you have had a taste of stuffing in November, it gets you craving it again by the time Christmas rolls around. Thankfully, there are plenty of leftovers - the gift that keeps on giving. We ate mid-afternoon and were basically semi-comatose within an hour, all sprawled out on our respective couches and chairs. I hope everyone had a nice holiday or a great day in general, wherever you were today!

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