Saturday, December 5, 2015


We started Mira on fluoxetine today, which we thought was logical choice, seeing as we could keep an eye on her over the weekend. It is a once a day dosage and has a very long half-life, yet we were told that she would fairly drowsy the first few days. It takes a few weeks in the system to reach its potential efficacy. Starting her on fluoxetine was going with the hope that an SSRI might help her irritable disposition, which is something we deal nearly every day with Mira. I suggested trying it with her neurologist at her last appointment, to address her mood,  but also based this idea on the studies and trials I had read, which used SSRIs for seizure control - fluoxetine in particular. There are numerous abstracts regarding Dravet and SSRIs as well and if anyone is interested, you can search for them through PubMed. One of the more current (very generalized concept on it) is located here.

Mira did not have any seizures today, mainly because we kept her toy from her all day. She wasn't too happy about that, as she a few irritable spells and wanted to spend as little time as possible in her chair, after realizing she wasn't going to play with it. Each time we took her out of her bed, she lasted less than 15 minutes in her chair before she got upset. She did spend a fair amount of time napping and sleeping, but nothing out of the ordinary, especially for the weekend.

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