Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rain and Sleep

It has been raining heavily here all day. which usually means one thing - our basement will flood, which it did, in full force today. We live in a 60+ year old ranch house, with foundation walls that leak like a sieve. It is a steady flow, never more than just surface water in a few corners of the house, but enough to be a headache. We put an addition on the house back in 2009, which doubled the size of our current footprint, but we built it with a crawl space foundation, in order to save money. It has not leaked a drop. Our existing foundation however, leaks through the walls, the floor, and everywhere in between. It has become a recurring problem when it rains heavily, which there isn't much we can afford to do about it right now, accept channel the water from the corners to the basement floor drain, and keep everything protected and off the floor. The basement is not finished, so there isn't much down there but storage bins. After 16 years of dealing with this, 2016 might be the time to fix it, if we can afford it. Being an architect, I sort of know what our options are from a structural standpoint - it just comes down to the level of invasiveness we want to take on and how much money do we want to pour into trying to remedy this.

With the rain comes sleep. Mira spent nearly the entire day, sleeping. Today was Day 1 without the toy and Mira voiced her objections a few times, but for the most part, she was completely out of it and in her bed. She woke up after a late lunch, had a few bottles, then went back to sleep. She did the same thing around 6:30pm, stayed up for about an hour, drank a few more bottles, then wanted back to bed. She wasn't up for racing around the house or for just hanging out in the living room with us.

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