Friday, December 4, 2015

The Toy Hiatus

Jonah spent another day on the couch, but slowly broke out of his shell by the afternoon, even wanting to play some hide and seek after dinner. He didn't eat much all day, but finally had a reasonable amount to eat at the table. Eli continued to have chills and sweating throughout the day, taking several showers to try and cool off, when he was warm. By the end of the day, he seemed as though he was turning a corner as well. I hope this round of viruses is short-lived and really hope Mira stays clear of it. Mira was the only one who went to school for a full week, while the boys ended up getting another extended weekend, right after a 5-day stint for Thanksgiving break.

Speaking of school, Mira had a decent day at school again today, which was a nice turn of events from her irritable disposition earlier in the week. We have given some serious thought about abandoning her toy permanently, as it is triggering a seizure, every single time now. Six months ago I would have never through we would be at this crossroads, taking away the one thing that she truly engages with consistently. Unfortunately, it has become a real problem. This morning, she became fussy, probably because she was bored in her chair, so I tried the toy, and of course, she had a massive tonic-clonic within the first 10 seconds. It's too much of a gamble and it's heartbreaking to keep it from her, but it is too much stimulation and consistently a trigger for her now. We are going to take an extended hiatus from it and see where this all goes.

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