Sunday, January 3, 2016


Mira wanted nothing but to keep moving yesterday. We went for a walk around the neighborhood and down to the store, which did burn quite a few steps. However, a majority of the time was spent yesterday doing laps with Mira in her chair, inside the house. I have figured out how to do a sort of extended, modified figure 8 in the house, by going from the kitchen, to the 'foyer' (which is basically where our dining room was, prior to the addition) into the living room, then back into the kitchen. We call it 'the track'. We have hardwood floors throughout the house, which makes it easy for us to push her around and make pinpoint turns, while avoiding cabinets, furniture, and low windows. Yesterday, we raced around for hours, since Mira was really enjoying it - she was vocalizing, kicking her feet, clapping her hands, and at times, even laughing. I didn't want to stop the momentum, so we just kept on walking. She had another TC-free day, with only a few visible lighting jerks - she was also in a great mood again, with the exception of bath time in the morning, which isn't unusual. Once that was over, she was happy the rest of the day.

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