Sunday, January 10, 2016

Miss Vocal, with a Twist

Mira had a strange day today. It was almost a repeat of one of her days last week, where she woke up making this odd, repetitive moaning sound for the first 30 minutes she was out of her bed, then went into a seizure right afterward. She had a single tonic-clonic about 9:00am and recovered from it fairly quickly and ironically, she was babbling within an hour afterward. She continued to be vocal for the rest of the afternoon, as much as she was yesterday. Then, about 5:00pm, it was like she flipped a switch, becoming very irritable for the next hour and a half. She was really upset and went to bed early, finally settling down once she was back in her bed. I was able to get a few decent pictures of her right after lunch and her bath, when she was calm, happy, and enjoying the light. The sun pours in our living room most of the afternoon, and with clear skies today (but only 10 degrees outside), Mira was able to soak in the sun for a bit, before she started relentlessly rubbing her eyes. We still haven't figured out exactly why she does this so much. Sometimes, it isn't even remotely sunny outside and she will not stop rubbing her eyelids with her wrists, to the point where they are red and irritated. She often rubs her ears in the same motion, but not near to the extent she does with her eyes, thus it isn't a stimming issue, but more of a light/contrast issue.

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