Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mouthy Mira

Mira has been in a fairly positive mood over the past two days, having some of her usual fussy spells late in the afternoon, but nothing out of the ordinary. She hasn't had any TCs since the 4 she had on Thursday at school. She has however, been having a lot of startle jerks and twitches throughout the day. I suppose the most significant or atypical thing that has been going on, is that she has been producing a ton of drool and can't seem to keep her fingers, hands, towels, and clothes out of her mouth. Mira seems to go through these phases every so often, where she starts drooling, like someone turned on a faucet, combined with putting everything within her reach, into her mouth. We typically use small hand or kitchen towels when we give her a bottle, since the bottles tend to leak a little and often she will end up spilling some while she is drinking. The past few days, when we leave the towel on her lap or under her chin, she grabs it and starts chewing on it until it is drenched. She is doing the same thing with her blankets in her bed. All of her adult teeth have been in for awhile, so I would doubt it has anything to do with that, but it could be something dental related. We also don't see any swollen gums and she isn't fussy when she is doing it, so for now, we are chalking it up to a sensory issue.

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