Saturday, January 30, 2016

Glasses Fitting

We took Mira out first thing this morning to get her fitted for some new glasses. We probably spent a solid 45 minutes just trying on frames that might work for her. Because her prescription is so high and she is so nearsighted, frame selection is important, so that she doesn't have an enormously thick edge on the edges of the lenses. Having a thick edge could potentially be distracting to her, so we were limiting ourselves to looking for smaller sized frames that would reduce the size of the lens. We finally settled on the ones she is wearing in the picture above. Minus the logo (they are obviously demo lenses) she looks good in them and the fit works well for her. It was difficult to find a frame that worked well with her nose, ears, and of course, her impeccable fashion sense. Much to our surprise, she not only tolerated having the glasses on, but she didn't try to grab or swat them off, not even once.

Sarah has been looking into some behind the ear pieces that will hopefully help keep them on her face, in the event she tries to pull them off or they slip down the bridge of her nose. Granted, the frames fit well and there is little to no movement on her face - the ear pieces will just be a precautionary measure. The dispensary told us it was going to take up to 2 weeks for them to fabricate the lenses. I can't wait until they are ready - I truly hope they have an impact on her vision and her perception of her surroundings. I can't imagine having everything outside a foot beyond your nose, appearing as a complete blur. So, out of curiosity, I searched online for a vision simulator and found one here. I'm not sure how entirely accurate it is, but I wanted to understand what Mira is potentially seeing, so I tried plugging in her prescription and this is what the simulator came up with:

The image on the left is supposed to be 20/20 vision and the image on the right is supposedly what Mira would be seeing, based on her prescription. The first simulator I found wouldn't calculate her prescription, citing it was 'beyond the range of the simulator'. If this simulator is even remotely accurate, it is frightening what little Mira is able to currently see.

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