Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy, Yet Exhausted

Mira has had a strong day at school today finish off the week. After all of the seizure activity on Wednesday, Mira has very quiet and reserved most of the day on Thursday. Today however, her teacher said she was all smiles throughout the entire morning, was focusing really well on objects, and continued to be in a positive and happy mood the rest of the afternoon. She must have wore herself out, because after she was off the bus, she relaxed in her bed for a bit, then fell into a deep sleep for almost 2 hours. We had to wake her up for dinner - she chugged a few bottles, then wanted to go right back to sleep.
On a side note, I spent yesterday in Boston for some meetings and flew back to Kansas City early this morning. When I was in grade school and early junior high, my family moved to a small town in upstate Massachusetts, so we often ventured into downtown Boston for the day, usually ending up around Quincy Market or Boston Commons area. I remember being amazed at the layers of history and the density of the downtown CBD. Years later, as a parent of a child with significant special needs, you tend to have a slightly different perspective than when you were 12 years old. One of the things that immediately struck me in walking around yesterday, was the unevenness and width of the streets. It is a beautiful, historic city, complete with its cobblestone sidewalks and narrow streets. I was however, thinking in the back of my mind as I was venturing the area by city hall, was how difficult it would be to navigate Mira's chair around that type of environment. I couldn't imagine trying to push a wheelchair around in the snow and cold, on very narrow, jagged sidewalks, with the consistent rush of traffic, and sheer congestion of a major metropolitan area. It is urban, it is bumpy, and it is crowded - not the easiest landscape for a wheelchair.

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