Monday, January 25, 2016

Six Weeks Toy-Free

I walked into our the laundry room to grab a box of rice milk for Mira's breakfast this morning, and just happened to glance up at the mountain of extra toys we have sitting up on the shelf. It occurred to me that Mira has not seen or heard her toy for the last six weeks, after having it in front of her nearly every day for the last 8 or 9 years. After she went through some withdrawal those first few weeks, but now that she has become accustomed to not having it around, I feel as though she is better off. She stopped having her consistent clusters of morning myoclonic seizures and while it may be a little difficult to gauge, she seems to be having less altered days, which were exacerbated by myoclonics, which were often brought on by the toy. At least a portion of the seizure cycle has been broken with her not being exposed to the toy every day. Does she still have her irritable days? Of course - (see Sunday's post). Did she have irritable days when she had her toy? Of course. Not much has changed in that department. Overall, is she having less seizures? Possibly. Myoclonics and given way to lightning jerks, yet tonic-clonics seem to be less frequent. Change is happening, in slow, subtle ways I suppose.

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