Monday, January 18, 2016

Take the Bad with the Good

Mira finished off the weekend strong - she was in a good mood, talkative, and enjoyed some down time this weekend, despite being indoor the entire time with bitter cold temperatures. Both days, she had been fairly quiet and reserved, with only one TC on Saturday morning. Today however, was a different story. Mira was irritable, especially this afternoon, where nothing would settle her down. She has been having a ton of BMs today, which I suppose is increasing her appetite. Sarah was texting me late this afternoon, saying that she had already had multiple BMs right in a row, and that she didn't sound like she was finished. By the time I was home after work, she had yet another, then chugged three straight bottles without blinking, to refuel. After celebrating an extended four day weekend, all of the kids go back to school tomorrow. It's supposed to warm up to a balmy 25 degrees, with snow throughout the day. Is winter over yet?

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