Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Positive Rebound + A Musical Experiment

Despite having a little bit of a rocky start, Mira had a much better day today. She woke up and was a little fussy after breakfast and as she was waiting for the bus, but she got over it pretty quickly. The report back from school was that while she wasn't overly enthusiastic about certain activities, she was tolerant about doing them. She didn't have any fussy spells during the day, nor on the bus ride home, which is more than we could hope for, considering the awful last 2 days she has had. She was very quiet the rest of the afternoon, taking a long nap before finally getting up for dinner. She even enjoyed racing around the house for awhile, which even prompted some babbling and vocalizing at times.

I tried a little experiment with Mira tonight, right before bedtime. I took Jonah's over-the-ear headphones (ones he often uses with the iPad) and put them on Mira, to have her listen to some quiet classical music. I figured Erik Satie piano music would be relaxing enough for her to handle. I assumed she would try pull the headphones off, as she doesn't care for people messing with her hair or have things on her head, but much to my surprise, she kept them on. After she had the music playing, she tilted her head back and started looking around the room a little. I played a few songs for her, maybe 15-20 minutes worth, and she was as quiet as can be. She wasn't really doing much, but she seemed to enjoy it or at least wasn't complaining about it. She let out a few yawns in her chair and quickly went to bed.

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