Saturday, January 9, 2016

Miss Vocal

Mira was talking up a storm today. When I mean 'talking' of course, what I really mean is vocalizing. Mira is non-verbal and non-communicative - she can express when she is hungry or upset by crying, but outside of that, it is often difficult to understand her intentions or needs, when she cannot express them through words or gesturing. This works both ways - when she is vocalizing in a positive manner. it is equally difficult to understand what is provoking it. What was ironic about all of her positive energy today, was the fact that she didn't want to spend any time in her chair. She started this morning by just babbling consistently, all morning long and up until lunch. She did this every time we put her in her bed, but whenever we transferred her to her chair, she stopped talking and started to get a little fussy. So, back in her bed she would go, and within a few minutes, was back to her chanting and kicking in her bed. This pattern continued pretty much all day. She did get a little irritable later in the afternoon, but nearly three bottles later, she perked up and was ready to race around the house. Just your typical late afternoon hunger pangs I guess. Right before dinner was the only time during the entire day, that she actually enjoyed being in her chair for a bit. We raced for about 20 minutes, then more vocalizing back in her bed. Again, I'm not sure why she was babbling so much today, but it certainly was nice to hear her be in a positive mood - she sure had a lot to say.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I guess eye gaze is not an option? How is school working on communication? Has mira regressed since younger years? (Im asking since she has rett syndrome regression is common?) Does she recognize familiar movies/faces etc? :)

Hope u all are having a great weekend and thank you for this great blog :)
(English is not my first language so I'm sorry if my grammar is crap ;) )


Marc said...

Sandra - that is a very good question. We had heard of people using the Tobii eye gazer, but we have not looked into it for Mira yet. When she is at school, they tend to work with her on focusing on particular objects, but in terms of getting her any back and forth with her, it is difficult to measure. Mira has not really regressed over the years, but she hasn't really made any significant progress either. Everything has been very constant for the last 10 years. Thanks for posting and following her blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh you totally should look into it! :) it may be covered by your insurance? I read this post and thought about Mira

//Sandra :)