Sunday, January 31, 2016

Just One of 'Those' Days

Mira had pretty rough day today. She was in a decent mood when I got her dressed and out of bed, but by the time I had her in her chair, she became very quiet, and slowly started having a big tonic-clonic before we were even in the kitchen. She then had two more additional tonic-clonics, all within about a 45 minute span. All of these intense seizures completely knocker her out. She spent the rest of the day rigid, altered, clammy, and very reserved. We were on the fence about giving her Diastat or Trazodone to break the seizure cycle, but fortunately, she stopped having any involved TCs the rest of the day, at least we didn't see any big ones - just small twitches. We thought we hear her have another TC about 4:00pm, when she was in her bed, but we couldn't really tell. She was awake the entire day, just staring into space and becoming very sweaty and rigid in her bed or her chair. We kept a close eye on her, as we have seen her have many days like this. Her temperature was completely off all day and she was repeatedly clenching her fists so much, that she gave herself a few small blisters on her left hand.

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