Thursday, January 14, 2016

Up + Down

Mira has settled back into her groove of having periods of contentment, mixed with stretches of irritability. Unfortunately, I was traveling all week for work in New Brunswick, just getting back late this evening. It dumped over a foot of snow in one day while I was there, but seeing as how they deal with it all the time there, it was quickly dealt with, with minimal delays anywhere. I was able to fly out this afternoon, with no issues. Sarah had to hold down the fort while I was away in NB, which always turns out to be a ton of work for one person. Mira had some up and down days at school this week, with today being an off day for her, in terms of seizures and level of fussiness. She had been having a lot of head drops and twitches all week, which escalated today, when she had three tonic-clonics (TCs) this afternoon at school and a fourth seizure on the bus on the way home. All of this activity prompted a call from the school nurse, which has started to become a once a month or once every other month routine. Mira had more multiple TC days last year, than any other year prior. We can never anticipate when they are going to happen in succession as they did today - there doesn't ever seem to be a pattern with them.

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